Presentation of the SPaCE master program

Training description

SPaCE is an international program in Astrophysics of Aix-Marseille University in France. During 2 years It focuses on fundamental, applied, numerical, instrumental and observational physics, applied to Astrophysical Sciences and Chemistry related to Space. This master course in astrophysics is part of the Master of physics of the Faculté des Sciences in Marseille. It is designed for students wishing to receive a solid training in physics and who want to study Astrophysics. Astrophysics as a research topic, involves the knowledge of the fundamental laws of physics. These laws are applied from our Solar System to the most distant regions in the Universe where physical conditions can only be inferred from the emission of electromagnetic radiation.

Course of training

This practical side of the programme consists in numerical and practical work, supervised projects carried out throughout the first and mainly the second year, a six-week internship, an optional internship in one of our partner universities (Chile, Japan, Poland, Taiwan) between the first and the second year, followed by a compulsory four-month internship at the end of the second year (from March to June). The second year lectures and projects take place in the laboratories where the students have access to libraries.

Concerned public

Our master is international and all lectures are given in English.

After your studies

By the end of the programme, students have gained a valuable professional knowledge allowing them to join in a PhD programme or to find a job in a company. Throughout their 2-year training, students are led to choose between research- and career-oriented paths. They select their courses and the projects in which they participate according to their goals, and the practical training helps them to decide on their professional future .